AI assisted copy-editing
and proof-reading


Short story

Every writer knows how difficult it is to proofread their own work—and it only gets more difficult when the work in question is a book-length manuscript.

The expected turnaround time of a full-length book (about 90,000 words) is at least 2 to 3 weeks for the proofread to be completed.





SPi Global was one of the first companies in Asia to provide content outsourcing services to leading Fortune 500 companies. Today, SPi Global is a multiple award-winning market leader in technology-driven solutions for the extraction, enrichment and transformation of data and content assets.

Company's vision is to deploy technology solutions that will make data and content accessible, adaptable and actionable






Using machine Learning Convolution Neural Network, automate the document proofreading by highlighting and validating thedocument content, layout and alignment errors.

Resource crawling

Resource Parser

Layout and alignment in Proof-reading

Research topic extractor

Research topic refinement

Segmentation and relationship extraction

Data lake ingestion

Topic related meta info extraction

Scouting business USERS

Data lake

Technology search

Executive and business leaders

Marketing team

Business development team

Research & development team

new product development, or the innovation team



Passively waiting for technological developments is no longer required. Platform enables screening existing and emerging technologies in order to secure consumers competitiveness and innovative ability. The technology scouting platform can now serve as an early warning system for relevant technological changes.

Time to scouting reduced from ' 3 months - 18 months ', to 3 weeks  for multiple departments.

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