With deep expertise in AI and machine learning consulting, we help businesses derive consumable insights from data to make smarter decisions.

We are a community of friendly, open-minded, collaborative and professionally growing people.

Our team is made up of some of the brightest minds in statistics, math, programming, and technology and we have obsessed with how AI is defining the customer experience.

 We work with management and executives to help them develop an AI vision for the company.
Work with managers and domain experts to help them launch and manage AI initiatives.
Conduct strategy workshops to help AI strategy teams spot AI automation opportunities.
Develop MVP or pilot AI projects to help teams gain experience and detect organisational gaps.


How we help with AI consulting?

Custom AI Solution

Get complex AI systems developed by the experts. We start with your business goals, followed by an analysis of your current technology stack, data availability, and more. 

Prototype | Minimum Viable Product | Complete Solution | Help with Existing Product

AI Opportunity Analysis

We find you the lowest hanging fruits for AI driven automation with clarity on the potential ROI. We also help you prepare for future automation opportunities if you’re just getting started.

AI Strategy Consulting

Have an idea but don’t know how to proceed ? We will bring your AI vision to life. We work with you at the planning as well as implementation level to move your AI agenda forward.



Our purpose has been to do intellectually captivating work that drives impactful outcomes for our customers and creates exponential career growth for our team.

Rise of AI focused consultants

RISK and Compliance


Fintech & insuretech

HR Analytics

Contact Center

Next one is yours

Supply Chain

Business Benefits

Unlock value & real-time decisions
Unlocking the value of data to provide deeper insights enabling real-time decision making throughout the value chain.

Help you think BIG
Scale up by rolling AI strategies to all areas of the company. Enable the business staff and technical teams to have the skills necessary for successful scaling.

Help you make the call
Strengthen AI strategy, identify use cases for your company and rank them.

Get going now
Speed up the time-to-value your AI initiatives. Start with small, quick win AI use cases then continue with more complex cases.

Filling the gap
Address the skills gap in data science and AI/ML immediately, with our AI consultants.

Accept the change

Capture and apply scarce knowledge where needed to tackle the challenges before your competitor does.

Featured Customers

Success Stories

Universal Technology Scouting Platform

Automotive and Assembly

A platform that enables client's growth leaders, to scout for new ideas across all digital sources with no further wait.


Semantic Search Engine

Regulatory Compliance

AI powered semantic search search engine to closely resemble the practitioner’s manual approach to regulatory research.

An emerging startup in GRC landscape

Silicon Valley - California


AI assisted copy-editing and proof-reading


Using Machine Learning CNN, to automate the document proofreading by highlighting and validating the
document layout & alignment errors.

A market leader in ePublishing


Contact Center Auditing

Customer Experience Insights

Contact Center Auditing

Automated call auditing to enhance customer experience in a contact
center - a language independent solution.

Multinational contact center 

Texas, United States

The best AI solutions are not the ones that are most talked about, it's the ones that solve YOUR problem with adherence to cost and infrastructure constraints


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